UWaterloo Master of Development Practice


The Master of Development Practice (MDP)  offered through the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED) at the University of Waterloo is part of a Global Association of MDP programs. The MDP is a professional course-based, 16-month, cross-disciplinary program which positions graduates as global development practitioners. With a focus on sustainable development, the MDP offers courses from four intersecting areas: health, natural, social, and management sciences.

The Global Association of MDP Programs includes all programs offering a Master’s in Development Practice (MDP), situated at universities around the world, and a broad range of MDP collaborating organizations. Currently, the Global Association consists of 26 MDP programs, offered at universities in 19 countries on six continents, and more than 50 collaborating organizations ranging from local and regional governmental and non-governmental public and private organizations, to large, multi-national agencies.