Meet Our Students

img_0414Name: Roweida Arafah

Education: Honours Bachelor of Science, double major in Environmental Science and Political Science from University of Toronto

Research Interests: Environmental issues, mainly water sanitation and security, climate change, ecology and biodiversity loss, sustainability, peacebuilding, social and racial justice  

Fun Fact: “I might come off as a quiet person but that does not stop me from fun and extreme activities. I once went parachute riding in Penang, Malaysia and I rode the Xtreme Skyflyer at Wonderland. I am also planning on doing the CN edgewalk next spring”.

img_0412 Name: Rebecca Arbour

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Honours, major in International Development with an emphasis in Environment and Development, University of Guelph

Research Interests: Poverty alleviation, human rights, gender equality, sustainable cities, community development, food security, water security and sanitation, environmental justice

Fun Fact: “After graduation, I lived and worked in Jasper National Park experiencing all the mountains had to offer”.

img_0417 Name: Suraj Baral

Education: B.E in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Sustainable Energy Planning and Management.

Research Interests: Green Economy, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood,  Food security, and Global health

Fun Fact: “I always looked older than my age group. Senior people treated me like an adult even when I was sixteen.”

img_0421 Name: Romy Buchner

Education: B.S.W with a focus in Gender Equality and International Human Rights from Carleton University, Ottawa

Research Interests: Maternal health, child nutrition, gender equality, poverty alleviation, water security and sanitation

Fun Fact: “The name Romy is a short form for Rosemary, however, I was named after the 60’s German movie star Romy Schneider. I hated it growing up and tried to convince my family to call me Lauren.”

img_0423 Name: Alejandra Calle

Education: B.A.H with Majors in Anthropology and Communication Studies, Minor in Political Science, McMaster University.

Research Interests: Poverty alleviation and livelihood, social and political development, local economic development, conflict resolution and refugee rights.

Fun fact: “I have a large collection of shot glasses from all around the world. Currently, I have 42″.

img_0408Name: Josephine Chan

Education: Honours Bachelor of Science Major in Neuroscience, Double Minors in Cinema Studies and Physiology University of Toronto

Research Interests: environmental economics, ecosystem services, global health, biodiversity, climate change, mental health

Fun fact: “I was born in Hong Kong when it was still a British colony, and moved to Canada when I was two years old!”.

img_0426 Name: Craig Eby

Education: B.E.S Environment and Business, Minor in Geography and Resource Management, University of Waterloo

Research Interests: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Natural Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction, Poverty Alleviation, Community Development, Environmental and Social Justice.

Fun fact: “I’m always hungry”.


Name: Hayden Gould

Education: Honours BComm with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Economics, Queen’s University; Certificate in Responsible Leadership.

Research Interests: Conservation and Ecology, Sustainable Education, Conscious Consumption, Recycling, Sustainable Cities, Green Energy Initiatives.

Fun Fact: “I didn’t know that dandelions turned into those white ball/seed things that blow away in the wind until university”.

img_0425 Name: Muniyat Haque

Education: Honors Bachelor’s of Social Science Specialization in International Development and Globalization minor Political Science, University of Ottawa

Research Interest: Gender and sustainable development

Fun Fact: “I do not own a laptop or computer, so people please crowdfund me!”

img_0436Name: Andrea Lloyd

Education: B. A. H. Environmental Studies with majors in Geographic Information Systems, York University and Fleming College Combined Degree; Environmental Technician Diploma, Fleming College; General Arts and Science Certificate with a minor in Environment and Natural Resources Management, Fleming College.

Research Interests: Green energy initiatives, sustainable cities, natural heritage preservation, food security, urban and rural planning, ecology, and environmental conservation and restoration.

Fun Fact: “I can play and read music for most brass instruments.”

img_0415Name: Jenessa Loewen

Education: B.Ed Elementary Education, Mount Vernon University,  Ohio.

Research Interests:  Quality education, early childhood development, poverty alleviation, gender equality, human rights, community development and outreach, and sustainable agriculture.  

Fun Fact: “Has hiked the 5 highest mountains on the Korean peninsula”.

img_0431 Name: Mridula Nair

Education: B.Sc in Electronics (University of Pune, India) and B.Sc in Computer Science and Communications Engineering (University of Duisburg, Germany)




img_0422Name: Wendy Susan

Education: Honours Bachelor of Arts, Major in International Development Studies, Double minor in Political Science and African studies, University of Toronto

Research interests: Youth in agriculture, community development, rural planning and development, women empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Fun Fact: “I have lived in four different continents”.


Name: Oluwalayomi Odusanya

Education: Bachelor of Economics(Honours) and Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning.

Interests: Economic Development, International Development and Financing Development



Name: Rebecca Thomsonimg_0410

Education: Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences with Specialization in International Development and Globalization.

Research interests: Poverty alleviation, sustainable cities, food security, gender equality, water security and sanitation, environmental justice, human rights, and community development.

Fun fact: “While I was in Vietnam I almost ended up on a Survivor-like reality TV show set in the Vinh Moc Tunnels”.

img_0407Name: Amgad Zaky

Education: BA in English & Teaching Diploma, Middle East University (MEU), Beirut, Lebanon

Research Interests: Rural and urban development, local food systems, women empowerment, project development, green economy, minority rights, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding.

Fun Fact: “Upon arrival in Canada I was surprised to learn that the Canadian wilderness was the forest. I thought that the meaning of wilderness was a desert!”