Pre-Departure prep – 2017

As we all finish the second semester of the program, we can finally focus on the preparation for the internships. Even though we had started looking for internships since January, and some students had even started looking in November, this is the first time we do not have to worry about schoolwork and internships! From making sure that we meet all the health requirements to ensuring we pack all of the essentials, finally it is the time that we embark in our three or four-month internships.

Personally, I am somewhat nervous to go but I am also very excited. Knowing that my classmates will also be taking part in amazing projects all around the world, makes me really look forward to hearing all of the stories from everyone when we get back to school in September. We will all be going to different countries, working on different projects, learning about different cultures and people, immersing ourselves in environments we have not been before. We were each able to pick placements that best fit our interests and the criteria we were looking for. Since development practice is such a broad subject, we will all be able to work in very different sectors and come back with different lessons and memories.

In my case, I will be heading off to Peru for three months. I have finally been able to organize everything I need to get done before I leave without having to worry about submitting final papers and midterms. Now I can focus on getting all the paperwork, medicines, vaccines, visas, and other essentials ready; at the end of the day, I will be going for a long time, so it is better to be prepared! I will also be attending a pre-departure training in Ottawa, carried out by WUSC; the organization that is facilitating my placement. It feels like this semester passed by extremely fast and it is finally time to go outside of the classroom and practice!


Alejandra is a student in the 5th Cohort of the Master’s of Development Practice Program. Her research interests are in poverty alleviation and livelihood, social and political development, local economic development, conflict resolution and refugee rights.


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