Training of Trainers Workshop on Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills for IWRM: PART II

MDP Students spent five days in Trinidad at the University of the West Indies learning with local Water Management Professionals about conflict resolution and effective negotiation. MDP Professor Larry Swatuk lead the Integrated Water Resources Management workshop sessions.

Feb 19, 2016

Today was our final session of negation in water management. “Information overload” would be an understatement of how my brain was feeling by the end of the day. I feel like I have mastered the “Onion tool” and “Conflict Mapping”, strategies we picked up in order to assess and resolve conflict. Though a master in these techniques, when reviewing the case studies, I feel helpless in resolving water conflict on the broader scale. Attempting to collaborate with governments, private industries, and local communities is a daunting task. Yet I am encouraged, as the Trinidadian representatives are passionate and eager to continue to pursue a clear resolution in their case study. We concluded the day by receiving our certificates in negation in water management. VICTORY!

Graduation Class with Certificates (Source: Kaylia Little)

Feb 20, 2016

Friday, our last day in Trinidad and our first day basking in the sun. Being a Canadian “white boy” I have been taught to apply sun screen numerous times a day when in the sun. Unfortunately, I was lured by the ocean waves and sports to protect myself from the sun… In two hours I went from white to red. Other than the burn that increased in pain, my day was fantastic. From frolicking on the beach we headed to a bird sanctuary, where we took a boat through a thick mangrove forest. At the end of our boat tour we stopped by a small island where the Scarlet Ibis flock after a long day. Seeing these bright red birds fly in flocks of about 100 was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. We finished our cultural day by going to Natasha’s aunt and uncles home, where we were served delicious Trinidadian food and were stuffed to the brim.

Scarlet Ibis coming home to nest (Source: Mary Crawford)



Blog Jason D

Jason Durst is a first year Master’s Student in the Master’s of Development Practice program. Jason is an avid traveller, explorer, and surfing having visited every continent except for Antartica. His research interests include human sex trafficking prevention, gender equality, peace and conflict resolution.


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