The sustainable yellow brick road

Our day started dark – not bright, since we were on our way to the conference site well before sunrise – and early. It was a long, action packed day, and we were in and out of sessions from 8:00AM to 9:00PM. Upon arriving we met up with members of the Kiribati delegation right away, and Laura and Vidya sat in on an AOSIS meeting.

Kadra and I attended a G77+China heads of delegation and thematic coordination meeting, which focused discussion on the importance of finance mobilization.

We divided the rest of the days sessions amongst the four of us based on the theme: Kadra and Laura went to loss, damage, and adaptation, Vidya was in capacity building, and I took finance.

It was extremely interesting to listen in on the process of the various negotiations. The use of language for example is something that is very important; language used in agreements has to be inclusive and acceptable to all parties. There is an emphasis that the process has to be collaborative as well, to ensure fairness and to establish a sense of trust.

I also had the chance to briefly explore the Pavilions; a huge spread of booths set up by not just various countries, but also NGOs and even social enterprises and technology companies like Facebook and Google.

Facebook’s pavilion
India’s booth; advertising the world’s first and largest 100% solar airport
Check back tomorrow for more!

Rija Rasul is a first year student in the Master of Development Practice (MDP) program.  Rija is one of four students in the MDP program attending COP21 as members of the Republic of Kiribati delegation. Her research interests include climate change and renewable energy, human rights, and international security and terrorism.


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